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About AmerX

NYSE Floor Member

One of the largest firms on the floor of the NYSE

Global Reach

Large investor network

Americas Executions (“AmerX”), also known as Lucid Capital Markets (“Lucid”), is a member of the New York Stock Exchange as well as an SEC and FINRA-registered broker-dealer. As one of the largest firms on the floor of the NYSE, AmerX and its team have decades of cumulative experience in financial markets, managing an array of products and offering a bespoke suite of services. From executing single orders to managing complex basket orders, our expertise ensures seamless transactions across a broad spectrum of requirements. Our commitment to innovation extends to providing access to unique order types, including D-Quotes.

As a full-service broker-dealer, we cater to both buy-side and sell-side clients, delivering tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Our Securities Lending team specializes in locating hard to borrow securities and provides robust easy to borrow lists from a diversified pool of lenders. We offer clients the ability to locate securities via API and web-based interface portals to streamline the locate process. The team provides insight to the Securities Lending market and access to competitive and stable inventory for our clients.

We aim to broaden our position as a trusted partner in the financial industry by providing our clients with Custody and Clearing solutions, and have established strategic Advisory, Corporate Financing, and Merger & Acquisition services through our Investment Banking Division. Lucid’s main priority is building and maintaining client relationships using our comprehensive experience across the industry.



Get the AmerX advantage for your investment or capital raise.

Trading and Execution Services

One of the largest trading desks on the floor of the NYSE

Investment Banking

Hands-on, senior-level attention for small, mid and large-cap companies



tZERO, Inc.

Distributed ledger platform for capital markets.




Hura Imaging

Radiation dose reduction through artificial intelligence, without interrupting medical work or patient care.


Our Address:

55 Broadway, 19th fl. New York, NY 10006​

Tel:  646-979-8000


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